Best winter sun destinations in the United States

Best winter sun destinations in the United State

Looking for some much-needed winter sun in the United States? With the nights increasing longer and the days getting shorter, the trees will be naked and the days will be too cold to wear t-shirts. It’s time to get away to warmer climates where the sun still shines and your winter blues will vanish. You’ll be surprised to learn that there are several warm sun spots in the United States where you can spend your winter vacation. So, here is a list of the Best winter sun destinations in the United States that give winter sun and provide you with escape and winter getaways.

Palm Springs is a resort town in the state of California’s Riverside County. It is noted for its hot springs, golf courses, and sophisticated hotels and spas and is located in the Sonoran Desert inside the Coachella Valley in Southern California. It’s known for its mid-century and modern architecture, as well as arts, design aspects, and a thriving cultural environment. For Americans, it is well-known as a winter snowbird destination. It is the best time to visit from November to March, when the population more than triples due to the flood of tourists seeking winter sun.

Palm Springs, California
Best winter sun destinations in the United States

In the desert and neighboring mountain ranges, Palm Springs is a perfect winter sun setting for outdoor activities such as golf, tennis, horseback riding, cycling, and hiking. It boasts a large number of high-end hotels, restaurants, and retail destinations. For those who want to go all out, there are a few clothing-optional resorts.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Best winter sun destinations in the United States. Puerto Rico’s capital is Sun Juan. It’s a beach town on the Atlantic coast with plenty of sun in the winter. The Isle Verde resort, which is a beachfront strip with nightclubs, bars, and casinos, is well-known. San Juan has a long and illustrious history as a Spanish colony. The lovely cobblestoned Old San Juan is rich in 16th-century architecture, with sights such as El Morro, La Fortaleza, and the Paseo De La Princesa seashore promenade alongside a stronghold with spectacular ocean views. San Juan is a tourist-friendly city with numerous hotels, historical structures, and museums. It features excellent restaurants and retail malls.

You will appreciate the beaches as well as the nightlife that surrounds them. The Cathedral of San Juan is one of the city’s most well-known tourist attractions. In Old San Juan, it is a 15th-century Cathedral. It contains the tomb of Juan Ponce De Leon, the Spanish adventurer and founder. Many cruise ships visit here on a regular basis, as seen by the bayside being lined with dock slips, making it one of the most important winter gateways in the United States.

Davenport, Florida

Davenport, Florida

Best winter sun destinations in the United States. Florida is famed for its winter sun, and Davenport, Florida, is a great destination to spend your winter vacation in 2019. It is noted for its attractive attractions and mild temperatures, yet without the high costs and frills that come with big city living. This is the place to go if you want to spend an afternoon walking along the natural paths along Lake Kissimmee or playing golf. Davenport is also a great place to stay if you’re planning a family vacation to Disney World, which is close by. You may also visit Universal Studios and a slew of other tourist attractions in neighboring Orlando without blowing your budget on lodging.

There are numerous hotels and rental properties available for extended family visits. In this little town, there are also several eateries that cater to your taste buds at a fair price.

Phoenix, Arizona

If you’re looking for some winter sun, travel to Phoenix, Arizona. The warmest resort in the United States promises year-round sun and pleasant weather, making it one of the greatest winter getaways in the country. Phoenix, often known as the Valley of the Sun, is famed for its upscale resorts and spas. It features a thriving nightlife and world-class golf courses. If you’re interested in local flora and fauna, such as cacti and other native plants, you may also visit the Desert Botanical Garden. If you want to try some wonderful local tacos and other delectable delicacies, go to the Arizona Taco Festival, or take a climb in the Desert Mountains for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

 Phoenix, Arizona

In Phoenix, there are numerous activities to do. The Grand Canyon National Park, one of the world’s seven natural wonders, is only 4 hours away and well worth a visit while you’re in Phoenix enjoying the winter sun.

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