The best things to do in Clarens in the Free State

The best things to do in Clarens in the Free State

The Maluti mountains run across the state province, making it a year-round destination. In the summer, enjoy the midday thundershowers, and in the winter, witness it turned into a snowy paradise. Trees and grasses turn crimson and copper in the autumn. Here are the best things to do in Clarens in the Free State. Learn about culture in the Basotho Cultural Village and witness the iconic Brandwag Buttress (shown above) lit up at night when it takes on a more mysterious appearance than it does in the daylight.

Visit a national park

Visit a national park in Clarens

What should you do in Clarens? Visit the Golden Gate Highlands National Park, which is less than 20 kilometers east of Clarens, to witness sandstone mountains formed by compacted sand dunes that formed 190 to 196 million years ago when the area was still a desert. If you drive one of the mountain circuits, you can see eland, hartebeest, and zebra, as well as 60 different types of grass and tiered panoramas of the surrounding mountains. Stop by the vulture hide on the Oribi Loop to see the endangered bearded vulture (lammergeier) and other vultures.

Visit the Golden Gate Highlands National Park

The best things to do in Clarens in the Free State- The lovely Golden Gate Highlands National Park is just 18 kilometers from Clarens. This national park, located in the Maluti Mountains’ foothills, provides visitors with enough to see and do. The Basotho Cultural Village, Cathedral Cave, Brandwag Buttress, and many other sites are among the primary attractions.

The park’s stunning sandstone cliffs, rich, diversified fauna and vegetation, amazing birdwatching, and opportunities to trek, stay the night, or visit for a day make it a worthwhile South African attraction. Please visit the SANParks website for more information on the available offerings and activities at Golden Gate Highlands National Park — and have fun planning a fantastic trip!

Dine Out at One of the Local Restaurants

Dine Out at One of the Local Restaurants

Clarens may be a little town, but it packs a punch when it comes to food and hospitality. Clarens, as a result, has a plethora of good coffee shops and eateries.

Enjoy an excellent, wholesome meal in this vibrant town by dining at one of the local treasures, such as Clementines Restaurant and Bar; Addo’s Fine Dining; The Courtyard Bakery and Cafe; or The Posthouse Restaurant, to mention a few. Many of the restaurants in the area are also family-friendly, making them perfect for both locals and visitors.

Visit the Adorable Bibliophile

One of the most the best things to do in Clarens in the Free State, a local treasure of a bookstore. This beautiful bookstore has a huge collection of fiction and nonfiction books, as well as audio books, travel guides, maps, puzzles, games, and activities for people of all ages.

If you aren’t a big reader, don’t worry; they also have a fantastic music section with a wide selection of jazz, classical, and world music on CD and vinyl. Then there’s the Artist’s Corner, where fledgling and seasoned artists may enjoy a treasure trove of canvases, paints, easels, sketchpads, and other necessary art equipment. Bibliophile provides a welcoming, enjoyable environment and is always a terrific place to visit, whether you’re looking to buy or simply browse.

Time Your Visit Right – and See the Cosmos

Time Your Visit Right – and See the Cosmos

The best things to do in Clarens in the Free State- Along the Free State’s roadsides, the lovely cosmos flowers are a familiar sight. While flowering times vary, it is widely acknowledged that it occurs in the autumn (March) and late spring (November).

These unique flowers bloom into lovely pink and white carpets that line the roadsides and surrounding areas in the Free State, though they are now found throughout South Africa. With this in mind, if you visit Clarens at the correct time, you can be treated to a spectacular flower show… for free!

Hike in Clarens Conservancy

Hiking is another popular outdoor activity in and around Clarens. Locals and guests can enjoy some fantastic, gorgeous treks within the Clarens Conservancy (or Golden Gate Highlands National Park). There are a number of trails to enjoy in and around Clarens, all of which are maintained and developed by the Clarens Conservancy.

This non-profit collaborates with the local government to improve the environment and provide enjoyable outdoor experiences. Hiking one of the conservancy trails almost guarantees spectacular vistas and probably even wildlife sightings.

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