Top 6 things to do in Charleston You Should Know

Top 6 things to do in Charleston You Should Know

Charleston, South Carolina, is not your typical beach town. It has a rich coast and a diverse terrain. There is much to discover, from the Folly Beach shoreline to the marshes on Shem Creek. The best food in the southeast US can be found by going inward to King Street or George Street. Additionally, its antebellum architecture and noteworthy historical landmarks offer a wealth of educational opportunities. Let’s follow us to find out the top things to do in Charleston right now!

1. Find an oyster roast: Things to do in Charleston

Charleston is known for its oysters, although any type of seafood is usually good there. The eateries in the city provide them all through the year. However, look for an oyster roast to go to if you’re fortunate enough to be in the city in the winter. Attending an oyster roast is as close to experiencing Charleston’s seafood culture as you can go without hosting your own oyster roast or joining the harvest for a day, much like a Lowcountry boil spilling out over newspaper on the tabletop.

Find an oyster roast: Things to do in Charleston
Find an oyster roast: Things to do in Charleston

Oyster roasts are served at neighborhood eateries and as special events between November and February. Even those who don’t like seafood will have a fantastic time at these exciting social events with live music and ice-cold beer. Even though I’m a vegetarian, I still enjoy going to an oyster roast since it’s the perfect way to conclude a beautiful day with friends in a casual setting with music and ice-cold drinks.

2. Check out the Charleston City Market

In the 1790s, the Charleston City Market was founded and is now a component of the city’s historic district. A market is now a gathering place for regional artisans who produce things that are officially authentic to Charleston. It is worthwhile to take a stroll around both the Day Market and the Night Market, which are held on Fridays and Saturdays and feature vendors. Even when the market is shut down, returning to your hotel at night while wandering through the lush, deserted stalls of the market can be exhilarating.

I get the impression that I’m traveling through time and history. Despite the wide variety of artwork, including sculptures and paintings, the sweetgrass baskets are the main attraction for tourists. Sweetgrass baskets have been a defining characteristic of Charleston for more than 300 years. The bulrush marsh grass, which was originally made for the estates’ rice harvest, is now woven into beautiful designs by 50 local Gullah artisans. Several of these are even included in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

3. Have fun at the beach: Things to do in Charleston

Have fun at the beach: Things to do in Charleston
Have fun at the beach: Things to do in Charleston

Few things compare to relaxing on Folly Island’s beaches. It’s a local favorite because of its broad, roomy beaches. Grab a chair, some snacks, and a cooler of beverages, and relax. If you’d rather get moving, the waves at “the Washout,” the beach at the end of Ashley Avenue, are ideal for surfing. The waterways can also be paddle-boarded.

I love one particular interpretation of a beach day. The beach may be a lot of fun at night, even though you can rent a kayak there during the day. I enjoy going on a full moon kayak expedition if you want to give your time at the beach and on the water a distinctive twist. It’s an excellent way to end a day in the sun. Plan beforehand if you want to go on a trip rather than just renting a kayak or paddleboard and spending the day (or night) on the lake by yourself.

4. Explore the stunning gardens at Middleton Place

The 65-acre, 300-year-old Middleton Spot offers an inviting place to spend an afternoon. It has some of the most superbly preserved gardens of any former rice plantation in the nation. While the stunning groomed gardens are a draw in and of themselves, the location also features a museum, live entertainment, farm animals, and a sobering tour that educates tourists about the old slave trade.

5. Charleston Farmers Market

The farmers market is one of the best places to shop in any worthwhile city. One of the best in the South is the Charleston Farmers Market. You may find some of the most delicious produce you’ve ever seen at Marion Square in downtown Charleston. If you want to see how lovely this city is, head to the Charleston Farmers Market. You can not only purchase excellent goods but also wonderful flowers and enjoy some nice live acts.

Marion Square is like a small city in itself on Saturdays. Until you visit the farmers market in Charleston, South Carolina, you haven’t truly understood the city. Exploring the market grounds and filling up additional shopping bags is such joy. From April to November, the Charleston Farmers Market is open on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

6. John Pope’s Antiques

Not only does your granny go antiquing. Visit John Pope Antiques, one of the greatest things to do in Charleston, South Carolina. This is a fantastic antique store with lots of interesting goods. This store, which is located on King Street and is run by the same John Pope, is open. Chandeliers and other beautiful decorative pieces can be found in his collection.

John Pope's Antiques
John Pope’s Antiques

Even though they may be vintage objects, when you bring them home, they might feel brand new and fantastic. One of the most pleasantly surprising activities in Charleston, South Carolina, is visiting John Pope Antiques. One of the nicest things you can do is visit John Pope Antiques if you’re looking for a terrific method to enter the past. You should be drawn in simply by Pope’s expertise and curation.


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